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Apr 10 2020

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SEC Area8 Pathfinders

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Builder Requirements (New)

Basic Requirements 

  1. Repeat from memory the Adventurer Pledge and Law
  2. Explain the Pledge and Law through art or skit
  3. Complete the Reading III award
  4. Complete the Building Blocks award


  1. God’s Plan to Save Me
    1. Create a story chart showing the order in which these stories took place: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Ruth, David, Daniel, Esther
    2. Make a diorama, poem, or song about one of the stories above to show someone how to live for God
  2. God’s Message to Me
    1. Complete the Bible lll (red) (formerly titled Bible ll) award
  3. God’s Power in My Life
    1. Spend regular quiet time with Jesus to talk with Him and learn about Him. Keep a record
    2. Ask three people who their favourite Bible hero is (other than Jesus) and why
    3. Complete the Prayer award


  1. I Am Special
    1. Put together a scrapbook, poster, or collage, showing some things you can do to serve God and others
  2. I Can Make Wise Choices
    1. Complete the Media Critic award
    2. Complete the Wise Steward awardd
  3. I Can Care for My Body
    1. Complete the Temperance award


  1. I Have a Family
    1. Share one way your family has changed over time. Share how these changes make you feel
    2. Find a story in the Bible about a family like yours
  2. Families Care for Each Other
    1. Learn how to play a game through which each of your family members show appreciation to each of the other members of the family
    2. Complete the Family Helper award
  3. My Family Helps Me Care for Myself
    1. Complete the First Aid Helper award


  1. The World of Friends
    1. Complete the Caring Friend award
  2. The World of Other People
    1. Know and explain your national anthem and flag
    2. Name your country’s capital, and the leader of your country
  3. The World of Nature
    1. Complete a nature award not previously earned, such as:
      • Bodies of Water
      • Insects
      • Stars
      • Weather or
      • Zoo Animals