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Area 8 Investiture - 2018 Area 8 2018 Investiture saw 150 kids come forward to be recognised and to receive a certificate and other insignia for the hardwork they put in throughout 2018!
Investiture Celebration Jubilation after receive their rewards and Awards at the 2018 Area 8 Investiture. Participating Clubs: Basildon, Braintree, Cambridge, Grays, Haverhill, Peterborough and Southend
Area 8 Adventurers This is a beautiful picture at the end of a craft activity at our 2018 Area 8 Adventurer Curriculum Camp
Chelmsford 2018 PBE Team Congratulations to our Chelmsford Pathfinders. They made it all the way to the Union Level.
Area 8 Curriculum Camp - 2017
Area 8 Curriculum Camp - 2017
Area 8 Curriculum Camp - 2017
Area 8 Coordinator Expounding would think he knows what he's talking about - right? Well :-)
Area 8 Pathfinders The girls were getting ready for the 25km overnight hike. They had to carry all their food clothing, utensil, tents, stoves, fuel (basically everything they needed to use for two days) for 25km - See the excitement on their faces!!!!
Chelmsford Pathfinders guess is that this smile was before they were told that they needed to carry all their things themselves, for 25km! But that's only a guess
Peterborough Bakers They actually baked a cake on open fire while camping. I tasted it! It was good! I love cake!!! :-)
Basildon Pathfinders They say a picture is worth a thousand words... I imagine this one is saying "I cannot believe it! Being outdoors is doing wonders for my finger nails and cuticles!!! Yeah mine as well! I don't ever want this camp to end!!!
Expedition Time Unfazed by the 25km ahead, the Pathfinders set out on a journey that transitioned the boys and girls into men and women... well maybe not but I sounded good
Chelmsford Cooks Here's the thing - I'm not putting my hand in that fire to take out the pot! Yeah, neither am I! Yeah, neither me! We will just have to wait for the rain then.
Peterborough Cooks No Counsellor - It's fine! The smoke is really hot - feel how its burning your eyes! The smoke will finish cooking the food. We don't need anymore firewood!
Area 8 Parade This was the first ever Area 8 parade. It was held in Lowestoft town centre. The residents were thrilled and wanted to know more about Pathfidnering. Sadly, there is no club in Lowestoft.
Mayor of Lowestoft Area Coordinator between the Mayor of Lowestoft and the Officer in charge of coordinating the events in the town centre to accomodate the pathfinder march
Great Yarmout Investiture service at Great Yarmouth.
Kings Lynn Investiture service at Kings Lynn
Area 8 Camp Building a Bridge across a shallow river. This was in April - the water was COLD!!!

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