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SEC Area8 Pathfinders

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The intention of this resources page is to offer tips that are (hopefully) useful when choosing/buying different club equipment, camping gear, hiking gear etc.

It will also offer help when preparing to teach honours.  If you have a tip that you would like to share with us please contact us.

Below is also a list of honours in alphabetical order.  The group/category to which each honour belongs is also listed next to each honour in brackets.  This is imporatant as the other honour pages of this website list the honours in groups.



Aboriginal Lore (Division)
Abseiling (Division)
Abseiling - Advanced (Division)
Abseiling - Instructor (Division)
Accounting (Vocational)
Adventurer for Christ (Outdoor Ministries)
Adventurer for Christ - Advanced (Outdoor Ministries)
African Lore (Division)
Agriculture (Outdoor Industries)
Airplane Modeling (Arts & Craft)
Amphibians (Nature)
Animal Tracking (Nature)
Antelopes (Division)
Antelopes - Advanced (Division)
Archery (Recreation)
Archery - Advanced (Recreation)
Automobile Mechanics (Vocational)
Automobile Mechanics - Advanced (Vocational)
Backpacking (Recreation)
Baking (Household Arts)
Barbering (Vocational)
Basic Rescue (Health & Science)
Basic Sewing (Household Arts)
Basketry (Arts & Craft)
Bats (Nature)
Bats - Advanced (Nature)
Beekeeping (Outdoor Industries)
Bible Evangelism (Vocational)
Bible Marking (Division)
Bible Marking - Advanced (Division)
Bird Pets (Nature)
Birds (Nature)
Birds - Advanced (Nature)
Block Printing (Arts & Craft)
Blood & the Body's Defenses (Health & Science)
Bones, Muscles & Movement (Health & Science)
Bookbinding (Vocational)
Bookkeeping (Vocational)
Braiding (Arts & Craft)
Braiding - Advanced (Arts & Craft)
Brain & Behavior (Health & Science)
Bread Dough (Arts & Craft)
Cacti (Nature)
Cake Decorating (Arts & Craft)
Camp Craft (Recreation)
Camping Skills I (Recreation)
Camping Skills II (Recreation)
Camping Skills III (Recreation)
Camping Skills IV (Recreation)
Candle Making (Arts & Craft)
Canoe Building (Division)
Canoeing (Recreation)
Carpentry (Vocational)
Cats (Nature)
Cattle Husbandry (Outdoor Industries)
Caving (Recreation)
Caving - Advanced (Recreation)
Ceramics (Arts & Craft)
Cetaceans (Division)
Chemistry (Health & Science)
Child Care (Division)
Christian Citizenship (Outdoor Ministries)
Christian Grooming & Manners (Outdoor Ministries)
Christian Salesmanship (Vocational)
Christian Storytelling (Outdoor Ministries)
Communication (Vocational)
Communication - Advanced (Vocational)
Community Water Safety (Recreation)
Community Water Safety - Advanced (Recreation)
Computers (Vocational)
Computers - Advanced (Vocational)
Cooking (Household Arts)
Cooking - Advanced (Household Arts)
Copper Enameling (Division)
Copper Enameling - Advanced (Division)
Counted Cross Stitch (Arts & Craft)
CPR (Health & Science)
Crocheting (Arts & Craft)
Crocheting - Advanced (Arts & Craft)
Cross Country Skiing (Division)
Cultural Food Preparation (Division)
Cultural Heritage (Division)
Currency (Arts & Craft)
Cycling (Recreation)
Cycling - Advanced (Recreation)
Dairying (Outdoor Industries)
Decoupage (Arts & Craft)
Digestion (Health & Science)
Dog Care & Training (Nature)
Dogs (Nature)
Down Hill Skiing (Recreation)
Drawing & Painting (Arts & Craft)
Dress Making (Household Arts)
Dress Making - Advanced (Household Arts)
Drilling & Marching (Recreation)
Drilling & Marching - Advanced (Recreation)
Ecology (Nature)
Ecology - Advanced (Nature)
Edible Wild Plants (Nature)
Electricity (Vocational)
Environmental Conservation (Nature)
Eucalypts (Division)
Family Life (Outdoor Ministries)
Felt Craft (Arts & Craft)
Ferns (Nature)
Fire Building & Camp Cookery (Recreation)
First Aid (Health & Science)
First Aid - Advanced (Health & Science)
First Aid - Basic (Health & Science)
Fishes (Nature)
Flower Arrangement (Arts & Craft)
Flower Culture (Outdoor Industries)
Flowers (Nature)
Flowers - Advanced (Nature)
Food Canning (Household Arts)
Food Drying (Household Arts)
Food Freezing (Household Arts)
Fossils (Nature)
Fruit Growing (Outdoor Industries)
Fungi (Nature)
Gardening (Outdoor Industries)
Geology (Nature)
Geology - Advanced (Nature)
Glass Craft (Arts & Craft)
Glass Painting (Arts & Craft)
Goat Husbandry (Outdoor Industries)
Grasses (Nature)
Health & Healing (Health & Science)
Herbs (Division)
Hiking (Recreation)
Home Nursing (Health & Science)
Horse Husbandry (Outdoor Industries)
Horsemanship (Recreation)
House Painting - Exterior (Vocational)
House Painting - Interior (Vocational)
House Plants (Nature)
Housekeeping (Household Arts)
Indian Lore (Division)
Indian Lore - Advanced (Division)
Insects (Nature)
Insects - Advanced (Nature)
Island Fishing (Division)
Journalism (Vocational)
Junior Witness (Outdoor Ministries)
Junior Youth Leadership (Outdoor Ministries)
Kayaking (Division) Kites (Recreation)

Kites (Recreation)
Knitting (Arts & Craft)
Knitting - Advanced (Arts & Craft)
Knot Tying (Recreation)
Lapidary (Division)
Laundering (Household Arts)
Leather Craft (Arts & Craft)
Leather Craft - Advanced (Arts & Craft)
Lettering & Poster Making (Arts & Craft)
Lichen, Liverworts and Mosses (Nature)
Literature Evangelism (Outdoor Ministries)
Livestock (Nature)
Macrame (Arts & Craft)
Mammals (Nature)
Mammals - Advanced (Nature)
Maori Lore (Division)
Marine Algae (Nature)
Marine Invertebrates (Nature)
Marine Mammals (Nature)
Marsupials (Division)
Masonry (Vocational)
Mat Making (Division)
Metal Craft (Arts & Craft)
Microscopic Life (Health & Science)
Model Boats (Arts & Craft)
Model Cars (Arts & Craft)
Model Railroad (Arts & Craft)
Model Rocketry (Arts & Craft)
Model Rocketry - Advanced (Arts & Craft)
Moths & Butterflies (Nature)
Music (Arts & Craft)
Music (Division)
Music - Advanced (Division)
Music - Beginner (Division)
Native Bush Construction (Division)
Navigation (Recreation)
Needlecraft (Arts & Craft)
Nutrition (Household Arts)
Nutrition - Advanced (Household Arts)
Optics (Health & Science)
Orchids (Nature)
Orienteering (Recreation)
Origami (Arts & Craft)
Outdoor Leadership (Recreation)
Outdoor Leadership - Advanced (Recreation)
Palm Trees (Division)
Paper Mache (Division)
Paperhanging (Vocational)
Parrots & Cockatoos (Division)
Personal Evangelism (Outdoor Ministries)
Photography (Arts & Craft)
Physical Fitness (Recreation)
Physics (Health & Science)
Pigeon Raising (Outdoor Industries)
Pioneering (Recreation)
Plaster Craft (Arts & Craft)
Plastics (Arts & Craft)
Plumbing (Vocational)
Pottery (Arts & Craft)
Poultry (Nature)
Poultry Raising (Outdoor Industries)
Power Boating (Division)
Printing (Vocational)
Puppetry (Division)
Puppetry - Advanced (Division)
Quilting (Household Arts)
Radio (Vocational)
Radio - Advanced (Vocational)
Radio Electronics (Vocational)
Red Alert (Health & Science)
Reptiles (Nature)
Rock Climbing (Recreation)
Rock Climbing - Advanced (Recreation)
Rocks & Minerals (Nature)
Rocks & Minerals - Advanced (Nature)
Rowing (Recreation)
Sailing (Recreation)
Sanctuary (Outdoor Ministries)
Sand (Nature)
Scuba Diving (Recreation)
Scuba Diving - Advanced (Recreation)
Sculpturing (Arts & Craft)
Seeds (Nature)
Seeds - Advanced (Nature)
Sheep Husbandry (Outdoor Industries)
Shells (Nature)
Shells - Advanced (Nature)
Shoe Repair (Vocational)
Shorthand (Vocational)
Shrubs (Nature)
Sign Language (Outdoor Ministries)
Sign Language - Advanced (Outdoor Ministries)
Silk Screen Printing (Arts & Craft)
Silk Screen Printing - Advanced (Arts & Craft)
Skateboarding (Division)
Skin Diving (Recreation)
Small Engines (Vocational)
Small Fruit Growing (Outdoor Industries)
Small Mammal Pets (Nature)
Soap Craft (Arts & Craft)
Spiders (Nature)
Springboard Diving (Recreation)
Stamps (Arts & Craft)
Stamps - Advanced (Division)
Stars (Nature)
Stars - Advanced (Nature)
Stewardship (Outdoor Ministries)
String Art (Arts & Craft)
Subsistence Farming (Division)
Swimming (Recreation)
Swimming - Advanced (Recreation)
Swimming - Advanced Beginner (Recreation)
Swimming - Beginner (Recreation)
Swimming - Intermediate (Recreation)
Tailoring (Household Arts)
Tapa Cloths (Division)
Teaching (Vocational)
Temperance (Outdoor Ministries)
Textile Painting (Arts & Craft)
Thatching (Division)
Track & Field (Recreation)
Tree Climbing (Division)
Trees (Nature)
Trees - Advanced (Nature)
Triathlon (Division)
Triathlon - Advanced (Division)
Tumbling & Balancing (Recreation)
Tumbling & Balancing - Advanced (Recreation)
Typewriting (Vocational)
Upholstery (Division)
Video (Division)
Water Skiing (Recreation)
Water Skiing - Advanced (Recreation)
Wattles (Division)
Weather (Nature)
Weather - Advanced (Nature)
Weaving (Arts & Craft)
Welding (Vocational)
Wilderness Leadership (Recreation)
Wilderness Leadership - Advanced (Recreation)
Wilderness Living (Recreation)
Wind Surfing (Recreation)
Winter Camping (Recreation)
Wood Carving (Arts & Craft)
Wood Handicraft (Arts & Craft)
Woodworking (Vocational)