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Apr 04 2011

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SEC Area8 Pathfinders

Basildon | Braintree | Bury St. Edmund | Cambridge | Chelmsford | Colchester | Grays | Haverhill | Hutton | lpswich | Kings Lynn | Norwich | Peterborough Central | Peterborough Portuguese | Southend

SEC Pathfinders Virtual Expedition


Copies of the Map
Completed Route Card
Blank Route Card
Blank Observation Card

Base Campsite:
We will be camping at home

£0 per person
You must provide your own food and camping equipment.




One map must not be shared between more than 2 hikers.
One compass must not be shared bewteen more than 2 hikers
No one should be on the hike without a scarf.

Sabbath Expedition


Expedition Details:
We are aiming to walk 7.5km and expect to be out for 2hrs.
On occasions, we will be walking along the road and must have all hikers listen and following instructions exactly.

Everyone should have a compass of their own.  The ideal situation would be for each hiker to have their own map as well but it would be ok if they shared in pairs.

They need a small backpack with food and drink.  Water, banana, bread, pasta, or anything else with lots of carbs will be fine.
We will NOT be hiking with a full rucksack with all our camping gear and food.  That will be done during the Guide class.

I recommend that they buy a Base layer (or wicker) to remove the sweat from on their skin.
Apart from that it is their usual waterproof jackets and trousers
We will be passing through fields of grazing cattle.  If anyone is terrified of cows, please let us know BEFORE we set off on the expedition.

Sabbath should be dry but cloudy how ever we can expect some rain on  Sunday afternoon so it might be a good idea for hikers to get gaiters - Go Outdoors currently have for £9.99.  Please note that this is an optional purchase 

Teaching Outcomes:
Our expectation is that most of the group should be familiar with basic navigation at the end of the weekend. 

Kit List:
Compass - Essential
Fleece - Essential
Walking Socks - Essential
Waterproof Jacket - Essential
Waterproof Trousers - Essential
Hiking Boots - Essential (Go Outdoors has boots for £15)
Small back pack - Essential
Food - Essential (Bananas, apples, pasta, bread, nuts, cereal bars, etc)
Drinks - Essential ( Water, Fruit Juice)
OS Map 176 – Optional (maps can be shared in pairs)
Gaiters - Optional
Base Layer - Essential
2nd T-shirt - Optional
Map Case – Optional

More information will follow including the a Route Card detailing the route

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have further questions.