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Companion Knots

There are 13 knots that all Companion Pathfinders must know to be invested as a Companion.
Eight (8) of those are friend knots - click here to see the Friend knots.

The other 5  are as follow:
    1. Sheetbend
    2. Sheepshank
    3. Fisherman
    4. Timber Hitch
    5. Taut Line Hitches

The following are videos to help you learn to tie each of the 5 knot listed above:

Knot Video
Timber Hitch
Taut Line Hitch

Now that you know how to tie all your Companion knots, see if you are interested in doing the knots honour.   Pastor Clifford Herman, the SEC Pathfinder Director, has done a few vidoes teaching the  knots honour.  See them here:

Knots Honour - Part I (Theory)
Knots Honour - Part II (Practical)
Knots Honour - Part III (Practical)